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DabbaFlow is the next generation data sharing platform. Leveraging distributed blockchain technology, it offers you full control, privacy and visibility over who and when your data is accessed.
End-to-end encryption
Total control over access to your data
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DabbaFlow has no access over your data and it does the end-to-end encryption for you, so you can be 100% confident when securing your file transfers.
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Connect your wallet
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Choose a file
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Specify which contacts you want to share it with
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Share your encrypted file in one click
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Your contact receives the file securely and can download it
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Advanced privacy and security
You're in control
To have control over your data is not a luxury, but a right. We believe that sharing files doesn’t have to compromise security and shouldn’t take extra work.
Intuitive and easy to use
Decentralised with high availability
Total control over access to your data
Safer sharing using the blockchain
DabbaFlow uses blockchain technologies and proxy re-encryption as core technology allowing you to share your data and distribute to as many contacts as you like. We’re helping to make full encryption, control, accountability and visibility on who has access, the new norm.
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Build a model with your web 3.0 data
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We're building an open collaboration app ecosystem and a suite with features for individuals and companies, so that you can create machine learning tasks without having to sacrifice control over your data and privacy.

This blockchain-mediated collective learning system will enable you to collaborate with multiple stakeholders in order to build a shared machine learning model in a decentralised way, so you don't need to rely on a central authority or reveal your datasets to the other stakeholders.
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DabbaFlow questions?
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What is end-to-end encrypted file sharing?
End-to-end-encrypted file transfer is the most secure way to exchange files and documents.

Using client-side end-to-end encryption (data split into small fragments) coupled with decentralised authentication, DabbaFlow encrypts every file with unique, randomly generated encryption keys making data breaches a thing of the past. This decentralised approach also protects your data from malicious attacks. These keys are never sent to our servers unencrypted. This means only data owners and any intended recipients can access the data stored in DabbaFlow, allowing you to share files with trusted recipients in full confidence.

Default encryption is standard on every file. Everything is encrypted before being uploaded—your data is only in your hands and those you share it with.
The data is stored - but across a network of servers using a distributed file system (IPFS). No node of this network assumes a central role, and multiple copies of the encrypted files are created to increase robustness and availability.
Data transfers are essential to running a business in the digital age, however this has led to new challenges. Since 2020 there has been an exponential increase in data shared online, arising from remote collaboration and an unprecedented surge in emerging startups. All of which has posed significant data breach risks to individuals and companies where valuable data is constantly being exposed to security and privacy threats. The results have been devastating for business reputation. Research has shown that up to a third of customers in retail, finance and healthcare will stop doing business with organisations that have been breached.